I believe that lasting change in organizations is the result of shared understanding and collective action to embody our values in policy and programs (what we do), and practice (how we do it). My work is a creative process: I am always learning, always deepening my practice through the relationships and experiences I have with my community, collaborators, clients, friends and neighbors. This is also a spiritual process, one that requites me to be present, feel, pause, reflect, change and grow.

The approach that my collaborators and I take combines arts-based training and mindfulness practices with structured dialogue, personal and organizational assessment, strategy development, coaching and caucusing. We operate as capacity builders and creative strategists. We train our clients on essential belonging-based and anti-oppressive frameworks and help them examine how oppression is maintained by their organization within a holistic context that includes community, history and culture. Clients gain the knowledge, skills and tools they need to leverage their power and resources to create restorative environments and the equitable processes and outcomes they support.

2017 and 2018 have been years of amazing growth for me personally and in my work. I've collaborated with an ever-growing group of talented consultants who are out there using artistic and healing practices to cultivate positive change across the country. I've partnered with an outstanding mix of clients from the non-profit, government and for-profit sectors. I've integrated coaching on interpersonal and organizational strategy as a service for organizational leaders. And I’ve participated in trainings, coaching and other learning experiences that have expanded my understanding of whiteness (my own and in general), Jewish peoplehood and antisemitism (including how it is in relationship with historical and contemporary systemic racism), gender and sexuality.

For now, to read about my work and some of the ways I support groups and organizations, you can download my CV. If you'd like to learn more about what we might do together, please send me an email so we can set a time to talk by phone, video or meet in person.