What I'm Following

Change makers that keep me in my heart and on my toes

One Minneapolis One Read is an effort to organize an entire regional community around the topic of race and issues of racism: "At its heart, One Minneapolis One Read is a community-driven effort with individuals, neighborhood groups, educators, businesses and nonprofits all coming together to make this a truly citywide read."

I had the true, true pleasure of getting to meet and talk with Center for Media Justice Executive Director Malkia Cyril at the Washington State Cultural Congress in April, 2013. I've since been thinking about how media justice, like environmental justice and criminal justice, is foundational for so much other social justice. Having the power to access and shape information for not only yourself and those who share your identities and experiences, but also across identities and experiences, is simply primary.

Candy Chang's work makes me swoon, especially Before I Die.

These billboards about racism, posted throughout Brooklyn by "anonymous," are IT. Total respect.

The Hapa Project, by artist Kip Fulbeck. This project looks at mixed ethnic identity as a way to highlight how race is socially (not biologically) constructed. A selection of photographs from the project is included in the nationally-touring exhibit RACE: Are We So Different?

Bryan Stevenson, lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, working to challenge bias against the poor and people of color disproportionately and unjustly represented in the criminal justice system. Stevenson gives one of my favorite TED talks, We need to talk about an injustice.

Tania Bruguera, Cuban activist artist who started Movimiento Inmigrante Internacional.

Adriana Gregson and the team who created and continue to lead the Free Speakers Project - radio, writing, performance by young people incarcerated in Venezuela's youth prisons. (Shouts to amazing projects in my dad's side's nation of origin, where I hope to spend time again, before long.)

Tim Wise, white anti-racist author and activist. I totally get why Wise is controversial, but I also totally appreciate how he breaks it down in words and that there is a white man out there talking plainly and directly about racism and other forms of oppression.

The Incluseum, a blog that hosts perspectives on social inclusion in museums. I've written two posts about the exhibit Race: Are We So Different? to which exhibit designer Robert Garfinkle responded.

Tamms Year Ten, a Chicago-based collective, started by artist Laurie Jo Reynolds, which has been using "legislative art" to secure the closing of Tamms Supermax Prison in Southern Illinois. Volunteers include artists, families of those who are incarcerated, and leaders from tens of community organizations opposed to Tamms.